Motorcycle Tire, Tyre Maintenance

Tire Care and Tyre Tips
September 28, 2016

Motorcycle Tire, Tyre Maintenance

Tip: Keep a low pressure tire gauge (0psi – 80psi) in your bike tool bag at all times. Try to remember to check your tire pressure everytime you fill up for gas.

Keep your tires correctly inflated. A tire that is very under-inflated generates a lot of heat which can lead to a blow out. Tires that run too hot also wear out more quickly. The most common motorcycle breakdown is for tire damage.

Purchase a pencil-type tyre gauge and use it regularly until you instinctively ‘know’ what your tyres feel like correctly inflated. Use of the gauge and visual inspections must become second nature.

Replace your tires sooner rather than later. If tread depth is 1-2mm it is time to replace your tires. Take a tip from the mad sport bikers and the canyon racers – they never skimp on their tyres as they are often all that stands between them and the pearly gates.

Dry Rotting- or “cracking.” Usually means that the tires are old and/or the bike has not been in covered storage. Real “light” cracking may be ok, but basically if there is excessive dry rotting, you should get new tires.

Motorcycle Tyre/Tire Maintenance and Information

The only thing between the hard unforgiving pavement and you is your tires. Best that you know, understand, respect and learn how to treat them well.

Keeping your tires correctly inflated offers a lot advantages to the rider.