Our company is  revolved by our core principles of TIRES (Trust, Integrity, Relationships, Excellence and Service) to provide you with the best value tires and motorcycle products. Our merchandise lets you rise above the road and soar to greater heights.

Our Core Principles

Trust – The bedrock of our company is built on sincerity, honesty, reliability and competence resulting in trusty relationship with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The name Falcon is our promise to you that our products are dependable and trustworthy; Riders can speed through everyday life with full confidence that they have a very safe grip in their tires, Suppliers are satisfied that their targets are fully met with performance beyond expectations; Financial partners and stakeholders are secured that their investments will prosper.

Integrity – We have a strong conviction to DO the right thing at all times which we know will bring about long term success.

Relationships – Having trust and integrity is all about fostering loyalty in our relationships. Loyalty that stands unchallenged in the face of short term economic gains, stiff competition, imitation, defamation or the like.

Excellence – We are driven to excel and succeed in everything we pursue. We create tires with fire and passion to provide unquestionable performance in products, services and financials.

Service-Oriented – We put top notch service to ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Satisfaction not only meets the current needs of customers but to offer something over and above anticipated needs.